Oclaro Inc OCLR

OCLR appears on our screens mainly due to the persistent accumulation shown by the SCTR rating. The measure has been stuck in the high 90’s since last June with very few downticks.  The chart had a tremendous rise last year, breaking out from just over 5 to hit a peak over 10.  The 50 day moving average seems to contain the price activity over the past 2 months and volume on up days looks supportive.


In addition, weekly price action shows a strong trend underway


charts by stockcharts.com

I expect that this period of consolidation will resolve itself to the upside.  The next serious level of supply is near 19 dollars.  Point and Figure charts need a break out over 10.5 to confirm.  The market is at the 9.5 area and a  preliminary stop is a move below the 8 level which has been support numerous times.

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