Healthcare Stealth Advance

We all know that the equity markets have been steadily climbing since the US elections last November.  There have been some dramatic pullbacks, but the unmistakable trend has been for higher prices.  As we know, markets are not monolithic and within the aggregate market moves, there have been winners and losers.  Energy has been the … Continue reading Healthcare Stealth Advance

Looking For Clues

We've discussed the strength of the overall U.S. stock market numerous times as supported by the very positive internal statistics.  Advancing versus declines, new highs versus new lows, numbers of stocks in the positive bullish percent column, all have been  supportive of the strong advance since mid November.  The lack of volatility is the real … Continue reading Looking For Clues

What’s Happening Worldwide?

While most of our focus will be directed to markets in North America, much of the conditions that are conducive to market strength (or weakness) will have effects on the markets of other nations as well, especially since the complex grid of taxes, interest rates, trade restrictions, demographics and political variables are all interconnected like … Continue reading What’s Happening Worldwide?