Next Tactics

In a previous article, we discussed the possible scenarios for market direction once peak volatility passed.  Once bottoming bars were established by the doji shaped candles (labelled climax low on the chart below), the risk reward parameters are established and projections can be made. With specific reference to the Dow Jones index, the first fibonacci … Continue reading Next Tactics

The Madness of Crowds

Anyone who has actively participated in stock markets over the decades has observed a multitude of manic, euphoric advancing phases but also periods of steep, devastating declines as well. The ebbs and flows of the market, while varied in their intensity and duration have always managed to eventually move higher.  When things are good, there's … Continue reading The Madness of Crowds


The US stock market has continued to advance in afterburner fashion over the past few weeks.  Historically seasonal weakness in the August/September windows translated into only a sideways pause in the equity markets.  Once we entered into the seasonally strong October and November period,  stocks exploded on the upside across all of the popular averages. … Continue reading Rotation